Oh, You “Fan” See Huh?

During my life, I’ve struggled being able to enjoy being a fan.  For many reasons, one being my thought that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.  Not that this is a bad thing, it just has prevented me from enjoying events for what they are… perfect or flawed, I was unable to have the true “fan” experiance.  As I conversed with others, I noticed a trend of talented people, you know, the real “go-getters,” having an issue with just relaxing and enjoying a performance or spectacle.  There is always this need to tell oneself how they would do it better, or what is wrong with it, or how it should have gone.

Until I made a conscience effort to be a FAN, was I able to enjoy life for what it throws at me.  Literally, I now revel in the chance to go to a CFL game, watch karaoke, or attend an open comic night.  I get to enjoy the beauty and self expressive arts of others in the light it was intended.

Basically, I am saying this; we often see someone doing something awesome, stepping out of thier comfort zone and sharing.  On Facebook I often see people tearing down or trying to disprove someone else attempt to connect or TMZ constanlty trying to tear down artists attempts to express themselves.  I am making a conscious effor to be a fan of whatever comes my way, and I do this because I need fans in my life, I want fans in my life, I really want to be able to share myself with the world without fear of riducle but rather with open arms and a shit load of “atta-boys.”

Keep on doing your thing world.  I am a born again fan. Ill even use pom poms… maybe…

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One thought on “Oh, You “Fan” See Huh?

  1. Love this! I’m your biggest fan!

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