Oh, You’re Bored You Say? I Suppose You Already…

So, I hear people say they are bored all the time, and it made me wonder.  I mean I am never bored, I have so many things I feel I need to do with the limited amount of time I have on this planet.  I thought I would help out my bored buddies and give them a little list. I am sure they have done everything on this list, but just in case they might find one thing that could save them from the perils of boredom.

Oh, You’re Bored You Say? I Suppose You Already…

– wrote a poem, maybe about boredom?

– learned another language (i mean there are only 6000+ available, I am sure you can find one to brush up on)?

– worked out, unless of course your physical stature needs no tweaking at all?

– listed 20 things you like about someone, and then give it to them (thats a nice one, I think Ill do that today)?

– learned an instrument (eff it, make an instrument out of anything.. .pots and pans, and bang the shit out em for 30 min)?

– danced, and i mean get up off your bored butt and dance your ass off to 5 songs in a row on random shuffle?

– invited friends over for an impromptu potluck with a random theme?

– Googled a recipe, any recipe and then go to the grocery store and buy the ingredients and then make it… and then eat it.?

– made your own list of what to do when you are bored and use it next time you feel this feeling creep up on you.?



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One thought on “Oh, You’re Bored You Say? I Suppose You Already…

  1. you are awesome!

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