Don’t Flirt on an Empty Stomach


We are all primal at some level.  In us all the need to hunt and conquer prey.  It is the very essence of these primal urges that make life and courting so fun.  If you Google “sexy woman poses” and look at images, you will see many poses with women with their arms up in the air sharing their wonderful armpit “stink” with the world.  As gross as it sounds, it is a true story, the pheromones released from our armpits (males as well) actually serve as a method to court and attract a mate.

Well, all that aside, I noticed the other day while I was out having some food with some friends that my urge or need to flirt is heightened when I am starving.  Our waitress, at the time she sat us, was an amazing woman that I found myself attracted to, well not five minutes after my food was served and my belly was full did I notice my lack of desire for her.  I mean I am sure she is a nice lady, but in this case the key to a man’s heart was not his belly.  Be careful ladies, he might be into you a little more if he is hungry.

moral of the story: if it is NOT true love, be a shitty cook, he’ll stay longer.

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