You Think You Know Someone

Just when you think you know someone, you find out you didn’t really know them at all.  The skeletons we keep in our closet and the representatives we show the world are often very different individuals.

I was watching The Voice and my  “friends” Jamar Rogers shows up on stage.  Now, I’ve always known this boy could sing since the days of waiting tables with him  in Atlanta Ga. at the Hard Rock Cafe to his live performance (boy band duo, can’t remember the name) at my club The Velvet Underground.  My point is I thought I knew him well.  As with many of our friends, we lose touch and years pass.  Well, over the years I find out on The Voice that my man had been addicted to crystal meth for years and contracted HIV over that time.  My brother was at the bottom of the barrel and just picked his own ass up and is killin it on the show as we speak.  I am wiping away the tears as we speak and in awe of the talent I knew he was, but for some reason the pain and heartache he has been through over the years have transformed him into this super creature of strength… sheesh… the things you learn from the “people you know.”

ps. If you are in the states, please vote for Jamar, if you are in Canada, just watch and enjoy this talent. Here is a video interview, Youtube has many of his performances if you wanna check them… i vote yes…

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