The Scab’s Life

This is what I think about healing, whether it is from a lost job, relationship, loved one or wound; it’s always ugly at first, then the scars become something you can be proud of, if you mind is right…

I just recently burned my hand shielding my son from scalding water and at first it looked like nothing happened… my hand was in denial, then after a little while it started to hurt, like the first time I poured water on it, and I was reminded that I was injured on a deeper level.  After a little while longer there were blisters, which proved to me that I was hurt and that there will be scars.  At this point I needed to address the situation, apply some love and attention to it to ensure that the healing would be proper.  However, as it was healing, I was always felt the need to pick at the scab, and make it hurt again.  I don’t know why, but I felt I needed to make it hurt.  I knew in my logically mind that picking the scab doesn’t help the process, but I still wanted to.

It was at this time that I compared it to other hurts, like relationships… very much the same or lost jobs, or even deaths.  The is that point of denial, then the evidence of pain and the realization of scaring and then, for no logical reason, the want to hurt yourself even more. It is an odd phenomenon that I can’t explain nor will I try to, because that would take research.  Instead I just throw it out to the world and see what y’all have to say about it.

I guess the point is, whether it be naturally occurring or a result of a social encounter, if you are hurt, there will be pain, it will hurt and there will be a scar… be proud of those scars cuz they have made you who are today.  Bring it scab!

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