The Body Artist

Once upon a time I called myself the People’s Trainer, because I was a self proclaimed man of the people.  I went out, ate greasy foods and partied with the best of em.  Still I found time to balance it all and work out.  In the light of being truthful, I am calling bullshit on myself.

The real reason I stayed “ripped” was my genetic make up and the fact is everyone out there doesn’t have it, and cannot get away with what I do… or did.  So I have made the shift, into ART.  I am now The Body Artist, because, like myself, we are all a work in progress and no matter where we are on that canvas of life it will take love and hard work to finish the masterpiece…if ever at all.  Good luck on your journey and if you want my strokes on your body… well just ask (yes I know how it sounds, and I liked it).

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