Top 10 PHAT Fitness Videos

We try to post a video a week to our YouTube page, but many of you have never been there… so I am going to make a collection of our top 10 fitness videos we have ever made!

10. Bounce Battles – I chose this one because we have really been enjoying working with The Bounce radio team – they are a riot!

9. Careers Tv – I chose this because it encompasses what I do, and my passion for fitness and life in general

8. Fav PHAT Moves – I chose this video because it was one of the first fitness videos we made for a client by request.

7. Stacey Hogbin Intro Video – Just a relic of a video before Stacey was an owner (check here blog out here)

6. PHAT’s Intro’s Deskercise – I thought that Deskercise was a great project we did with Unlimited online… bringing fitness to the workplace… this was a fun time…

5. PHAT Ass workouts – I really like the team work we had this year making moves… this vid showcases our commitment to having fun and getting fit

4. PHAT Pushups – i like thuds one cuz most girls can do what Stacey does… try this one out!

3. Baby does pushups – The next generation Lipscombe gets the 3rd spot… I mean.. a baby doing pushups? come on!

2. Bosu Ballistics – This video grabs the number two spot due to the stupidity of the last stunt…

1. Old Spice Commercial – This one got the most attention, and it was a fun project with the kids at Bellerose!  Check it and feel free to check our video out yourself and chose your own top ten.

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