Meet Kayla Rubis – Our New Yogini – FREE CLASS OFFER

Sitting in the Phat office with Kayla Rubis, I mention her last name reminds me of rooibos, the tea.  She claims she has never heard that associated with her name.  I ask her if it would be all right if we “”steeped” her, she did not object, I belive this to be a phat union that will last.  Read on as we met her together. ps – the first 10 people to comment on this post will receive a free class on May 7th.

Kayla, where did you learn your yoga?

Shanti Studio in Nelson B.C.

Why B.C?

Because I wanted Hatha training and most of the studios in Edmonton are Ashtanga based.

What would you classify your style as?

A Hatha-Flow is more like it, a strong Hatha.. or a gentle flow… i would say my style is a gentle flow

Can anyone take your class?

Absolutely, i am not a pretentious person… beginners, advanced, injuries…i am excited to have anyone in my class.

What do you when someone farts in class?

Are you serious?.. uh well, uh… I might as well answer that question.  If it needs attention brought to it…. listen farting in yoga is a good thing, it is good for digestion. farting is good in yoga. ha ha ha.

If you could describe yourself with a colour and a shape, what would they be and why?

I would be a tetra hegon, is that even a word, i know it would be multi shaped, and illuminating different shades like indigo and burgundy depending on what side you were looking at… oh no are people going to think im crazy… hahaha

To get to know this fabulous yogini more, come visit us at the southside phat studio, 8632 53ave. The first 10 people to comment on this post will receive one free class on May 7th.

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9 thoughts on “Meet Kayla Rubis – Our New Yogini – FREE CLASS OFFER

  1. phattraining on said:

    I love yoga… and this interview!

  2. Michelle on said:

    Kayla, you are a gorgeous person inside and out! I look forward to taking a class with you 🙂

  3. Im comin! Hahaha. Farts in class.. That was handled very well.

  4. Can I comment for me and Mark? Yay yoga! Very excited to meet our new yogi and get lumber 🙂

  5. lisa assoignon on said:

    Kayla radiates beauty, kindness and warmth. I look forward to sharing my practice with her in the future 🙂

  6. jenn on said:

    look forward to trying this class

  7. sheryl braithwaite on said:

    Looking forward to taking your class Kayla!

  8. Blair on said:

    There’s a first time for everything right??? Even farting!!! 

  9. Treasure Richardson on said:

    I just have to check this one out…the farting question peaked my curiosity!! lol

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