Stacey’s Doing Bootcamp Tonight!!!

I am in the Phat Training head office this afternoon with Stacey Hogbin, partner and trainer extraordinaire.  She sits here, rocking out the accounting paper work, eating fruit and veggies, living the “trainer-life.”  The blinds are down and the sun is shining as we begin our impromptu interview.

Stacey, are you excited about teaching bootcamp tonight?

No, why, what kind of question is that… is that a trick question?

Why are you not excited?

because Wednesday is my only night I have off, and I dont want to work on those days.

How will you make it fun for the campers? It is not their fault you are tired.

I am going to make them just as tired as me…. (she stomps off) argh!, I am never going to answer questions that I did not know the reason for their questioning.

What kind of workout can the campers expect tonight?

High intensity pyramids

Huh? That is an acronym for HIPS, are you giving the campers hips? I dont think they want those.

A variety of exercises over a period of time, with little recovery time… basically it is going to be awesome, because everyone needs a motivational boost, myself included.  I find the best workouts are delivered when I am not feeling as energized as I would hope.

Thanks Stacey, I look forward to hearing how the camp goes!

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